Metta FAQ

When the light Source is placed against the skin and get absorbed by the mitochondria then the Immediate Effect is the chemical effect that occurs in the tissues to promote creating anti-pain and anti-inflammatory substances.


The long-term effect is the charging energy to stimulate the cell to perform its natural function and regenerative themselves according to the type of cell


The intensity of energy from the light is different. Therefore, at the same depth of 30 watts, it provides more therapeutic energy and is more effective than 15 watts And wavelengths also affect the depth of treatment. Wavelengths that are longer, can be deeper in Clinical terms . Both wavelengths of 980 nm and 1064 nm can pass through efficiently.

 A laser is an artificial light in a single wavelength.  Wavelengths that are infrared (I R) can pass through the skin and penetrate to the tissue.And with the design of a laser probe to spread the light wider  Not only doesn’t harm the tissue  There is still research supporting that  The laser can also treat with breast cancer.
Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves creating low energy acoustic wave pulsations that have a therapeutic effect on deep inside tissues  to create new tissue cells and stimulate healing process in the damaged area But not hurtful on skin
Magnetic field easily goes through skin, subcutaneous fat and bone. more.
It creates depolarization of afferent sensory impulse fibers and motor nerve fibers to induce muscle contraction lead to enhances blood circulation, and brings fast recovery effect of damaged nerves and tissues.


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