Peripheral Magnetic stimulation with 2 transducer, 3 Tesla


First 2 active channels

Peripheral Magnetic stimulation with 2 transducer,

        In the past. Magnetic stimulation had very effective of therapy with magnetic field as the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF). Previously, then use of magnetic stimulation for therapy had very low magnetic field of 100-200 Gauss, so take long times and can’t be treated for satisfactory results

        First period, Peripheral magnetic stimulation (PEMF) treatment pain, bone healing process and health promote had the early stages proceeded slowly and can’t provide the desired treatment results. The other of the treatment research began to development modern tools that are transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of brain diseases, then of directs stimulation in the brain is creating a machine that releases magnetic field to stimulate the brain through the skull, just put on the skull.

        Therefore, this device needs to be high intensity enough to stimulate through the skull, Therefore must use intensity that is tens of thousands ever. Since 1985, the first machine that has been used for brain disease therapies and has improved the potential for better, eliminating the problem of heat generation on the machine and able to provide treatment for a long time.

That is the advanced development of neurons and brain stimulation. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is very effective therapy, with depression disorder, Ischemic stroke or rupture, Chronic pain and many brain diseases.

         Peripheral magnetic stimulation (PMS) is something very remarkable. It is characterized by the features of modern tools that treat pain such as muscle pain, tendinitis, joint pain and neuropathic with maximum efficiency.

         With researches supporting treatment results, which over the past ten years, there is research very little on  Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (PMS). We have only seen more publications in the last 2 years. Which Korea sees an opportunity to continue improvement of PMS, provide treatment peripheral part. Therefore, developed the PMS and TMS separately, with important features that are different from the TMS is comfortable, high intensity and with cooling control very well that can be used continuously without limitation.


  • Special features :

1. Effective treatment immediately after treatment

2.Very short time to treatment approximately 2-5 minutes per point

3.If continuous treatment can reduce the number of treatment times

4.Effective treatment at all stages of disease progression acute, subacute and chronic phase

5.The treatment mechanism is stimulate the repair of tissue. Not just solving the symptoms


  • Clinical effect :

1. Excellent pain relief

2. Excellent numbness reduce immediately

3. Improve muscle power, even paralysis.

4. Effectively accelerate the recovery of the injured nerve such as nerve injury, foot drop, hand drop, limb weakness, degeneration and compression of spine.

5. Accelerate recovery from bed neuroplasticity such as numbness, shrap pain after nerve injury, chronic pain from all types of musculoskeletal diseases and urinary incontinence caused by brain, spinal cord, accidents, chronic infection.

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